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Sharing is Caring: Calling Out for Guest Bloggers!

Just like our parents/guardians and teachers have taught us at an early age, I believe that ‘Sharing is Caring!’

With that belief in mind, this is my official call out for GUEST BLOGGERS! Yup, I’m talking about you! 🙂

– Have a recipe that you are darn proud of?
– Got food photos you’d like to share?
– Care to review your favorite local restaurant or watering hole?
– Want to dish about the latest culinary gossip?
– Have a ton to say but can’t commit the time to blog on your own?
– Have your own site but want to spread your wings to other cyber spots?

Then be the next foodie Guest Blogger on The Culinary Chronicles! I’d love to hear your foodie point of view and help shoot it out to all our cyber buddies.

Leave me a message on the comment section and YOU CAN BE MY NEXT GUEST BLOGGER! 🙂

And for a little EXTRA incentive—the Guest Blogger with the highest comments submitted to their foodie posts by March 1, 2010 will receive an awesome FOODIE PRIZE! 🙂 Woo Hoo–who doesn’t love surprise prizes?

So hit the pen & paper and get writing today!

Submit a Blog Entry Today!


11 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring: Calling Out for Guest Bloggers!

  1. I definitely appreciate good food, but it’s been sooooooo long since I actually cooked a meal. Shame on me, and much apologies to wifey. That said, I’d like to write about preparing a nice, simple (but very long overdue) meal for wifey.

  2. Dear Nam!
    Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
    Thank you so much for kindly accepting my Friendship request!
    As far as guest blogging is concerned, either go to any of my blogs and pick up what you deem worthwhile as it is purely for sharing, or check if I can contribute on a definite subject!
    Interestingly enough, we use exactly the same blog format!
    looking forward to sharing the fun!
    (in case WordPress takes you to my Fantasy Blog!)

      1. Dear Nam!
        My, I have to choose among more than a thousand of them!
        Maybe you could start with the followings ones: (I leave it to you!)
        I can come with a selection regularly according to your needs!

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