“Must-Have” Kitchen Gadgets

The other day my sister suggested I write something to ask readers what their favorite kitchen gadgets were. Huh…why didn’t I think of that??? 🙂

C’mon now, we all have one—even those of us who may be “cooking challenged”. 🙂 Whether it be that particular whisk or immersion blender, we all have that one gadget that we just cannot bear to be without. For instance, if you asked my BF what his fav item would be, I would venture to say it would be his Global Chef’s Knife that he has affectionately named “Katsu”. As for me, I don’t think I could just pick one. It may vary depending on the season but if I had to narrow it down to three, it would be my (of course, in no particular order):

All-Clad Non Stick Grill Pan
Artisan Series KitchenAid Stand Mixer....In fabulous Grape Color 🙂
And of course, you've met our new beauty, the 7.25 Quart Le Creuset Dutch Oven

So now it’s your turn friends….leave a comment and tell us what’s your favorite Kitchen Gadget that you can’t do without???  🙂


30 thoughts on ““Must-Have” Kitchen Gadgets

  1. This one’s easy:

    1. My red dutch oven. I would pull this out of my burning house before I grab the pictures.
    2. Global Santoku knife. If I could, I’d bring it to bed with me.
    3. My new red kitchenaid immersion blender. It does everything else #1 and #2 cannot do!

    1. a friend just sent me an article comparing immersion blenders and kitchen aid’s model won! i needs to get me one of those! my husband laughs at my “needs.”

  2. yay! fun diversion from work…

    le creuset dutch oven in red – why? because it makes my food really tasty. the real reason why? because it’s pretty to look at and makes me feel a kinship to julia child.

    beaba babycook – why? because it saves a working mommy lots of time, space, and money. the real reason why? because it’s fun and easy to use like an easy bake oven.
    all-clad non-stick grille pan (12″ round for just every day meals and grande grille for larger parties or when i want to grill veggies alongside my fish/meat) – why? because it sears my food beautifully. the real reason why? because it sears my food beautifully and cleans up easily.

    and finally…drum roll please…

    peugeot electric pepper and salt mills – why? because they provide instant crushed pepper and/or salt with precision. the real reason why? because (1) they’re cool to look at (think 007 gadgets, but of the culinary world), (2) have a built in light that illuminates food, and (3) always manage to impress my guests at the dinner table. some folks proudly display their children’s art work while others display their collection of fine art/coins/cars. mine would have to be these two ebony and ivory beauties.

      1. i did, didn’t i?! i meant they’re as easy to use as the easy bake oven! ; P (i can’t commit to blogging. i think i would have stage fright and go blank — think cindy brady).

  3. I really enjoy cooking with cast iron and claypots. Here’s my list….
    1. My LeCrueset dutch ovens. I have some of the older ones without the enamel coating and they are so well seasoned, they are almost non-stick!
    2. My inexpensive Chinese claypot.
    3. Santoku knife
    4. Microplane for zesting and grating ginger, cheese and chocolate. A MUST have for every kitchen.
    5. Wooden salad mixing bowl.

  4. I’m actually really glad you made this blog post because i have $230 I need to spend at Bed Bath, but I’m overwhelmed on what to get. I have very few quality kitchen gadgets (ironically, considering how much I like to cook), and I just don’t know where to start on the must haves. I’m thinking a food processor, a good knife, some cooling racks, or that pan you listed. Would you like to come shopping with me some time, Nam? I need a consultant to help me choose! 😦

      1. watch out for those darned exclusions in their coupons! it’s always stuff you want that’s excluded. boo on them for that. at a min, they should at least cover the sales tax! nearly 10% in CA these days!

  5. I like to cook with cast iron and claypots. I have the older LeCreuset dutch ovens without the enamel coating and they are so well seasoned now. No kitchen should be without the microplane for zesting and grating ginger, cheese, and chocolate.

    1. oh yeah! the microplane! that’s a good one. those darned things are so good, they nearly grated the dead skin off my fingers once! yikes! (hmmm. come to think of it, i bet the makers of the pedi-eggs had that happen to them once and that’s how the idea was born)

  6. This is a tough one to narrow down….For starters Spice could not live without his Wusthof knives. As our sous chef he relies heavily on them. We also just purchased a red dutch oven and it hasn’t left our stove-top since; it has likely taken over our Clementine Kitchen Aid Mixer. And last how could I do without my Immersion Blender and chopper? a.k.a the motor boat. It does everything and gives you so many options for whipping up some fun in the kitchen!

  7. The Kitchen Aid Mixer is outstanding. The Professional series has a stronger motor but the Artisan series is very respectable.
    I would need all the attachments ( meat grinder, sausage stuffer, pasta attachment etc.)

  8. I agree with the bane of storage space limiting the buying of more food gadgets – such a drag!

    I love my microplane grater and zester, and my handy rubber spatula is my fave for scooping things out of the stand-up mixer and just day-to-day cooking.

  9. Oh my — KitchenAid in GRAPE! Love it! I just moved overseas and had to leave my coveted mixer back in Canada due to voltage differences. 😦

    Unfortunately, the basic models cost over 900 bucks here in Switzerland! Ouch.

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