Downtown Campbell Farmers’ Market

What’s better to do on a sunny morning than stroll the stands of your local farmers’ market? Only one thing…..RIDING your awesome beach cruiser 5 miles to your local farmers’ market and stroll around the stands on a beautiful California day.

The Downtown Campbell Farmers’ Market is sponsored by the City of Campbell, California. Over the years, the vendor stands have grown significantly offering an array of fresh produce, artisans fare, flowers, food stands, and entertainment. Not too small and not too large—perfect to spend a few hours at.

So, on one particularly gorgeous day, we hopped on our bikes to peruse the farmers’ market to pick up some produce and be inspired with what was fresh and in season.

And what did we find?

Deliciously sweet and juicy Navel Oranges

Tart and sweet Tangerines

Fresh Sauerkraut

Sea Salt

Beautiful Flowers

A Medley of Mushrooms

Wonderful Carrots

Sugar Cane ready to be juiced

Cabbages Galore

Colorful Swiss Chard

First of the season Artichokes

With so much to enjoy, we were easily inspired with menu items for that week’s meals. And that’s the great things about eating fresh—eat what’s in season and what inspires you to cook.

Our goodies we walked away with: Red Cabbages, Asian Pears, Red Swiss Chard, Fresh Sauerkraut, Navel Oranges, Cauliflower, and Artisan Bread.

Here’s to eating fresh and local! 🙂

Downtown Campbell Farmer’s Market
Campbell Ave at Central Ave
Campbell, CA 95008
Sundays, 9am-1pm
(Year Round)


4 thoughts on “Downtown Campbell Farmers’ Market

  1. Love the tulips! I love me some farmer’s markets – have you been to the Santa Cruz one? I remember they had the best, sweetest tomatoes I’ve ever had.

    1. We haven’t made our way to the Santa Cruz farmers market yet. For some reason, driving over the mountain (although it’s only 30 minutes) is quite cumbersome for us–particularly since HWY 17 is only 1 lane through the mountains 🙂

      But, since warmer weather is creeping in, we can make a stop there on a surf day! 🙂

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