R.I.P. Cutting Board

I’ve never claimed to be a Smart Cookie. Especially when I have some serious Kitchen DOH! Moments.

My latest episode occurred only a short time ago with a total lapse in thinking. In a flurry to clean up the kitchen, I threw my wooden cutting board into the dishwasher. Guess what happened?


RIP Cutting Board


Oh yes……you all being much smarter than I probably have guessed the outcome. When I opened up the dishwasher and saw my poor, newly purchased board, I immediately turned into this…..



And that, is a Sad Panda. A VERY Sad Panda.

My friends, learn from my follies. Avoid a Kitchen DOH! Moment and HAND WASH YOUR WOODEN CUTTING BOARDS! Now excuse me as I bang my head on the kitchen cabinet 😦


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