Jack Johnson = Music Therapy

I woke up this morning in a Funk.

Not a cooking/baking funk. Not a Tone-LocFunky Cold Medina” Funk. Just the BLEH kind of Funk.

Nothing in particular spurred it. In fact, the sun was shining and I actually got to bed early. But I just couldn’t shake it. In fact, even Bella was in a Funk. I mean…just look at her. If those eyes don’t emit “Funk”, I don’t know what does.


Bella feeling Funky!


So I did the only thing that made sense. I filled a mug with freshly brewed Kona Coffee, grabbed the pups, and headed straight to the beach.

I’ve always found the ocean air and sounds of the waves calming. But today, I needed some extra oompf in the form of the best music therapy—-Jack Johnson.



Those that know me are well aware of my adoration (and slight obsession) for the Hawaiian born crooner. I dig his music and envy his mellow beach vibe. C’mon, the guy is just “beachy”—what’s not to love?



When I get in these emo funks, I often find myself turning to music to get some quality soul searching in. And when I mean “turn to music”, I mean “listen to music”. I don’t have a single musical bone in my body. I cannot sing for the life of me but I did play the flute in junior high. Hey, don’t judge. All the cool kids were doing it. True Story.



I spent several hours walking on the beach today…..just breathing in the fresh air while the pups got their exercise in. The warm sun, light breeze on my face, Jack singing, and self-reflection time. All much needed things. I highly recommend such a regiment for everyone.

Thankfully, I’m not feeling as funky anymore.

Mahalos, Jack.



*Quick Note….I would be remiss if I didn’t confess that not everyone was in a funk today.

Princess Leia was in her usual hyper–happy go lucky-disposition.


Princess Leia - Fiesta Island


My little pug niece will be staying with us for a couple of weeks. And this little bundle of energy was just as happy and hyper as ever!


Princess Leia - Fiesta Island


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