Wedding Nouveau Magazine: Celebrating Love & Interculturalism

After much anticipation and excitement—Wedding Nouveau Magazine has launched!

“WEDDING NOUVEAU MAGAZINE (WNM) is the premiere digital and print-on-demand bridal resource for intercultural brides and multi-ethnic weddings.  The magazine is a quarterly publication that offers high gloss insights into real fusion wedding inspiration, hot interviews with trailblazers in the event design world and fun collaborations with some of today’s most sought after photographers, fashion designers, event planners and much more.  Each issue offers exclusive editorial content that showcases unique global finds, real interracial weddings and creative fusion ideas for today’s modern bride.

WNM has one goal, and that is to make culture and tradition, a seductive style guide that’s modern, boundless and most of all – colorful.  By empowering brides to embrace their unique heritage stamp through new approaches to wedding style, we hope to make the planning process more imaginative.  You don’t have to be in a multi-ethnic relationship to know that it’s much more fulfilling to dream outside the box…in color, couture and culture.”

When Fri Forjindam, founder & editor of WNM, first shared with me the concept of the magazine, I was floored and felt like she had been reading my mind! For years my sisters and I have played around with the concept of full-time wedding planning, specializing in multicultural weddings to help celebrate the union of love, family, and culture.  And here was a magazine doing just that! Without a doubt I was excited of the opportunity to collaborate WNM any way I could.

The premiere edition is fresh off the presses and is available both digitally and in print. Order your copy today here and gain access to 110 pages filled with gorgeous photography, inspirational stories, helpful resources—and even a recipe for Panko Crusted Shrimp Bánh Mì from yours truly!

I cannot wait to see what else is in store for Wedding Nouveau and look forward to future contributions with them!


11 thoughts on “Wedding Nouveau Magazine: Celebrating Love & Interculturalism

  1. Big congrats to you! Your recipes and your photography are really fit for magazine — very elegant and professional looking.

    – Wishing you more success –


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