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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Limoncello!


When Life gives you lemons……

Make Limoncello!

Though, if that’s the case, it would help if Life threw in a bottle of vodka to help out with the process, too.


Last month, my sister equipped me with a bag of Meyer lemons from her mother-in-law’s tree. After using many of the fragrant lemons for baking, I decided to use the rest to make a batch of Limoncello to give away as gifts for the holidays.

Originating from the South of Italy, Limoncello is traditionally made with lemon peels and a very high proof grain alcohol—but vodka can also do the trick.

The floral (and STRONG) boozy goodness can be served straight up over ice or with some tonic water and squeeze of lime. Either way, you’ll be enjoying a bit of summer in a glass.





1 750ml Bottle Vodka (100 proof or higher)
Peels of 12 Lemons (I used a combination of Meyer and Eureka)
3 Cups Simple Syrup

In a very large container with an airtight lid, combine lemon peels and vodka. (I used a 1 gallon glass jar.) Tightly screw on the lid and place the jar in a cool, dark place for 14-15 days. Take off the lid, remove the lemon peels, and stir in the simple syrup. Screw the lid back on and replace to the cool, dark place for an additional 30 days. Gently shake the container every day or so if/when the sugar collects at the bottom.

When ready to bottle, strain the limoncello with a fine sieve. Using a funnel, fill airtight bottles. ENJOY!

*I ended up squeezing the 12 “naked” lemons and made a TON of fresh lemonade and froze the remaining juice in ice trays to use at a later time.


7 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Limoncello!

  1. Great job on the limoncello! I wish I had some right now. I may be 9:30 in the morning but it would totally help me through the day.

  2. Hey, I’ve been an email subscriber for a couple of months now but first-time commenter. Love the blog!

    I was just curious, do you have a place you get your cool sealable bottles liket he ones in the pictures above? I’d love to buy a bunch of these to make stuff like Limoncello or homemade vanilla for family for Christmas.


    1. Hi Brad–thanks for stopping by!

      I grabbed these particular bottles at The Container Store but have also purchased them in the past (in different shapes/sizes) at HomeGoods, Marshalls, and even Ikea 🙂

      I am SURE your homemade Vanilla will be a HIT!


  3. We used to do this a lot when I was younger as we love Limoncello in the Mediterranean. If you use a high percentage of alcohol rather than vodka you will have an amazing Limoncello. Great Shots!

  4. oh yea!! I have always wanted to know how to make this. I used to have a grouchy old man in my aerobics class who used to distribute it to all of us in the class. I guess I shouldn’t call him grouchy but he used to guard his recipes like gold!

    hugs! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

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