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Show Stoppin’ Jell-O Shooters

Jell-O Shooters

I love the month of May. Not just because it’s my birth month (hint: this gal loves chocolates, camera accessories, and flip flops….) but because it usually is the trigger for a flood of celebrations—birthdays, weddings, anniversaries….parties galore!

Jell-O Shooters

And if you’re anything like me, I cannot go to a party without bringing something—a bottle of wine, dessert, flowers, etc. But let me tell you, whenever I show up with these little goodies, they’re an instant HIT!

Jell-O Shooters

Just take citrus of your choice and slice it in half. With a sharp pairing knife, run it along the inside of the fruit but do not cut through all the way. Use your fingers to gingerly and slowly pull out all the segments so that all that remains is the rind of citrus. I will warn you that this does take some time. I also find that lemons or oranges are easier to do but limes add such a pretty color pop!

After you’ve cleaned them out, place the citrus “shells” in a baking dish so that they’re snug against each other. Follow the directions to prepare the gelatin of your choice and carefully pour it into the shells. If you’re looking to make your shooters for adults, replace 1/2 of the cold water with chilled vodka and a few tablespoons of cointreau.

Refrigerate the filled citrus shells overnight and then carefully slice into wedges with a sharp knife when you’re ready to serve.

Jell-O Shooters

Whether you’re bringing them to an event or serving them at your own party, guests will LOVE them! Fact 🙂

And with that friends, Happy May and have a fantastic weekend!


16 thoughts on “Show Stoppin’ Jell-O Shooters

  1. First, great photo as always.

    What are you using as a base here, rock salt, rock sugar, or some type of rice?

  2. Definitely fun for parties! I put my citrus fruit shells in a muffin tin, but then again my orange rinds were on the small side.

  3. My grandma takes these to church on Sundays!! So funny to see that someone else besides her makes them! They taste yummy and are fun to eat!

    1. Haha, if church had jello shots when I was younger I might still be going! Finally, religion I can get behind.

    1. Ok you were right about cleaning them out. Limes too longer than lemons. Mine are settling in the fridge. Can’t wait !! Thank you.

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