New York or Bust!!!!

That’s right folks—-the BF and I are headed to NYC tomorrow night for 5 luxurious days of gorging ourselves on good eats and tasty adult beverages. Woo Hoo! We’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to New York on a few occasions before. Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Trump Tower…..Seen it, done it. Therefore, this trip is solely dedicated to expanding my waistband by diving into some culinary gluttony. 🙂

So many new places to choose from and so many old yummys to revisit. But, on the MUST-GET lists are:

Bouchon Bakery

Brassiere Les Halles


Katz’s Delicatessen


Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant

Nobu Next Door

Peter Luger Steak House

Trattoria Zero Otto Nove

In the midst of our overindulgence, we’ll also get the chance to spend some QT with the familia and old friends. And, if my inevitable food coma doesn’t keep me away, I will do my best to keep you updated daily on our food-ventures. 🙂

So, to my Foodie Friends….What are your “MUST EAT” spots in the Big Apple????