New York or Bust!!!!

That’s right folks—-the BF and I are headed to NYC tomorrow night for 5 luxurious days of gorging ourselves on good eats and tasty adult beverages. Woo Hoo! We’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to New York on a few occasions before. Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Trump Tower…..Seen it, done it. Therefore, this trip is solely dedicated to expanding my waistband by diving into some culinary gluttony. 🙂

So many new places to choose from and so many old yummys to revisit. But, on the MUST-GET lists are:

Bouchon Bakery

Brassiere Les Halles


Katz’s Delicatessen


Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant

Nobu Next Door

Peter Luger Steak House

Trattoria Zero Otto Nove

In the midst of our overindulgence, we’ll also get the chance to spend some QT with the familia and old friends. And, if my inevitable food coma doesn’t keep me away, I will do my best to keep you updated daily on our food-ventures. 🙂

So, to my Foodie Friends….What are your “MUST EAT” spots in the Big Apple????


18 thoughts on “New York or Bust!!!!

  1. pizza. especially late at night, after a few midnight cocktails!

    where? anywhere. for some reason, the small dives on every corner of manhatten does it right every time — for me at least.

    gooey cheese pizza with some garlic salt sprinkled on top. heavenly. for some reason, the cheese does wonder to absorb all of those adult drinks you intend to indulge in.

    have fun, play it safe, and remember…empty calories are not so bad! it’s the wasted ones that you want to avoid (the ones where you eat something that has high caloric count only to soon find out that it’s not so tasty afterall. i hate when that happens.)

  2. 1. Yonah Schimmels Knish Bakery FOR THEIR POTATO KNISH FRESH FROM THE OVEN
    3. Russ and Daughters for lox and bagels
    4. Grimaldi pizza
    5. The Papaya King frankfurters and tropical drink special
    5. Momofuku Ko
    6. Shake Shack (Now takes phone orders I think until Feb 28. Otherwise I’ve heard the line is ridiculous. Phone Orders Call 212-889-6600, from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
    7. Mario Batali’s Esca (Seafood trattoria) or Babbo
    8. Colicchio & Sons Tap Room
    9. Little Owl for their pork chops

    1. okay anonymous…you had me at fresh from the oven, doughnut, pizza, bagels, blah blah blah. it’s a darned shame when i lived in NY, i was too poor and naive to take advantage of all its good eats.

      is it just me, or is tom colicchio a hottie? it’s like how i felt about robocop. not good looking by traditional standards, but they’ve just got somethin’ goin’ on. and, once again, i digress…

  3. Wow, I haven’t heard of any of the places you listed up there! But that’s NY for you right? Great specialty restaurants and shops on every corner, usually only one of its kind in the area, and definitely not enough time (or money…) to explore them all!

    A couple of my favorites:

    1) Artichoke’s pizza (yes, for the artichoke pizza..and a “big gulp”-sized brew for 5 buckeroos..)

    2) Galanga (for the massaman…it was the best i’ve had 4 of the 5 times i had eaten there…ooh, their lychee martinis are pretty good too.)

    Aww, i miss NY!
    Have tons of fun, you lucky kids!


  4. Ooh, and ditto on Anonymous’ suggestion for Papaya dogs. Specifically, Gray’s Papaya off West 4th. Seriously, it’s run by the only Filipinos I saw in NY haha! They make a mean dog though. Don’t expect to see fries on the menu. The grilled onions and sauerkraut toppings partially make up for that :] Oh, what the heck– BYOF! (Bring your own fries!)

  5. Definitely have to try Gray Papaya’s hot dogs and papaya smoothie like the others have mentioned.

    Peter Luger is just okay. Go there for lunch and try their burger instead of steak. But I might be bias about their steak since I am not much of a steak girl.

    Nobu and Joe’s Shanghai are over-rated. But if you HAVE to go to Joe’s, go to the one in midtown. It’s cleaner and roomier.

    Now, if you’re willing to try some exotic food—say a bull’s penis. I know a place. 😀

  6. My must-visits are on your list already: Katz’s and Grimaldi’s! My only other suggestion is the Halaal Cart (careful of imitations!) for late night/drunken eats. It’s famous, and Jason and my sister loooooove it so much:

    Hope you get the suggestion before you leave! Have fuuuuuun! Be safe, and come back STUFFED!

    P.S. I totally thought that the foodie blogger in you would make a Nutella Day blog post at midnight before you fly out the next day! j/p j/p

  7. I went to NYC in 2008 and here are some places that I recall.

    1) Le Cirque – Awesomeness in every bite. Everything is thought of, from the decor to the service to the food. I was excited to see Top Chef visit the restaurant a couple of years back. Be sure to dress up.

    2) Clinton St. Bakery – The best blueberry pancakes I have EVER had. It was so good my brother and I went here twice. Watch out because there tends to be a line waiting for a table. Recently Bobby Flay had a “throwdown” with Clinton St. Bakery and beat them. Now I wanna try Bobby Flay’s pancakes. But this is my golden standard for any pancakes I try.

    4) Chikalicious – A small dessert bar. Really small! Only three employees fit in here but they serve gourmet desserts. You can even do a tasting menu at a reasonable price. Sit at the bar to see the chefs work. A really intimate and up-close culinary experience. Desserts are great but I wouldn’t say the best I’ve ever had (except for the creamy cheesecake). If you’re in the area you might want to check it out.

    Have a great time! Looking forward to your reviews.

  8. Definitely the pizza! Magnolia Bakery for the cupcakes and banana cream pie. Katz’s deli was good but unfortunately I was full the rest of the day, even after sharing! 😦

  9. Hey Nam (it’s Jenny Kim from Sierra UCI)

    My favorite spots for delicious food…

    -Peasant – (nolita) i love the ricotta and bread they serve while you’re waiting for your amazing meal. malloreddus e bottarga pasta is pretty great and the ambience is always cozy.

    -Clinton Street Baking Co. – (lower east side) it’s pancake month! they’re serving a special pancake mon-fri all day long. i would go when they first open for breakfast, lunch or dinner service to avoid the long wait. oh and get a biscuit and ask for the jam.

    -Balthazar Bakery – (soho) i would pick up a scone to snack on while shopping in Soho.

    -Babbo – (greenwich village) just great food & great service

    -Taim – (west village) the fries are salty and freaking amazing. conveniently served in a brown paper bag so you can walk around with them. also great dipping sauce. falafel also great if you want a full meal. not really the relax and sit down type place as it is the size of a walk in closet.

    Hope you have an amazing time!!!

    1. Jenny! So great to hear from you. Thanks for checking out the blog and great recommendations. We had Clinton Street Baking Company yesterday morning and I LOVED the blueberry pancakes and sugar cured bacon. DELISH! Babbo and Peasant are newish acquisitions to my list and since the snowstorm made my flight cancelled, I’m here for another 3 days! I will DEF. squeeze it in! 🙂

      Btw, your photos of Claire and the Noren family are gorgeous 🙂

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