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Chả Giò (Vietnamese Egg Rolls)



Tết had just rolled around the corner and I had not been able to properly prepare for it. Traditional things that the Lunar New Year calls for such as scrubbing down the house and endless cooking of Vietnamese dishes just didn’t seem to fit in my schedule. I know, I know….BAD Nam 😦

Growing up, Tết would be a huge celebration at our house with extended relatives coming over for TONS of great food, catching up, praying/giving respect to ancestors, playing Tết games like Bầu Cua Cá Cọp, and of course every kids favorite–getting Lì Xì. Lì Xì are monetary gifts in red envelopes and symbolizes good luck and wishes for the new year. With all that familial and cultural history, you can imagine, I felt pretty bad for not sufficiently preparing for Tết.

Customs and nostalgia tugged at my heart and I felt compelled to make at least one traditional Vietnamese dish for dinner one night. Lucky for me, Tết is typically celebrated for a few days, so I wasn’t too late to add to the luck and good cheer for the upcoming year. 🙂

It’s days like these that make me miss my mom even more than normal. So, I picked something simple but a dish that would make her proud– Chả Giò. Chả Giò are Vietnamese egg rolls and can vary in preparation by the region of the country you are from. Traditionally made with rice paper, Chả Giò are now often made with wheat flour sheets—like its Chinese counterparts.

You can enjoy Vietnamese egg rolls with cold vermicelli noodles but I like mine with jasmine rice and fresh lettuce. But hey—enjoy them any way you’d like. 🙂

Regrettably, because this preparation is based from my mom’s own creation, I won’t be sharing this recipe. Sorry folks—some things are better kept secret! 🙂

But to all of you, I wish you the best that the Year of the Tiger has to offer!

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!


Chả Giò all rolled up and ready for deep frying.


Chả Giò in Canola Oil over medium-high heat.


Serve Chả Giò with Jasmine Rice and your choice of dipping sauces. I whipped up a traditional Nước Chấm and used a store bought Sweet Chili Sauce.


So friends, what are some of your new year traditions???? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Chả Giò (Vietnamese Egg Rolls)

  1. Yum, cha gio! I also gotta have xoi for New Year’s – I like the red one (xoi gat) and xoi vo…nummy! 🙂

    1. Clearly my favorite things at Vietnamese weddings are the Xoi Gat. My mom even tried to smuggle some Gat over from VN to plant a tree here. That didn’t work so well…..

      ps. Chi Ngoc has perfected a Xoi Vo recipe. 🙂

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