DIY – Tahitian Vanilla Extract

DIY-Vanilla Extract

Last month I was bottling Vanilla Extract like a mad woman.


Because it’s RAD!

Not only are you able to control exactly what goes into your product but it’s simple and yields wonderful results. It’s quite cost effective, especially if you go through as much vanilla as I do. And these super cute bottles make great gifts, too!

I used Tahitian vanilla beans for my extracts but you can opt for pods from Madagascar or Mexico if you prefer. Buying them in bulk (I get mine online) will also get you the best bang for your buck.

After your extracts have been bottled, you’ll want to age them for a minimum of 2 months before use. And once your bottle runs low, just fill it up with more vodka to restart the process.

Happy DIY-ing!


DIY Vanilla Extract
Makes (2) 4-Ounce Bottles


2 4-ounce resealable bottles
4 Vanilla Bean Pods, split lengthwise
8 ounces Vodka

Wash and dry the bottles.

Place two of the split vanilla beans in each of the bottles. Fill each bottle with 4 ounces of vodka and seal tightly. Gently shake the bottles and store in a cool, dark location.

Shake the bottles every few days for 2 months. The vanilla extract is ready to use as early as 2 months, however 3+months is recommended.


7 thoughts on “DIY – Tahitian Vanilla Extract

  1. I love this idea! 2 questions:
    How long can I keep vanilla beans before they get funky?
    How long will the bottled product stay good?
    I would use it promptly, but some of my relatives have stuff from the 70’s in their pantries.

    1. Happy Friday! The beans don’t get funky at all 😉 After some time they may lose their potency (if you keep adding vodka to it). So when that happens, just swap out for new ones. The extract can outlive twinkies 😉

  2. Love this! I make my own vanilla extract as well and given bottles away as gifts. It really is much better then any commonly available national brand extract,

  3. So excited – have just made two 120ml bottles worth with pods that I saved from making a whole bunch of banana cakes for a bazaar and I’ve used some very cute old fashioned little glass bottles that I found near Dong Xuan Market. Do you then tend to use the extract in baking? Or have you also made vodka cocktails?

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