Green Smoothies & Eggs-ellent News

Green Smoothies

Well Friends, with all of the festivities and celebrations from the holidays it’s high time for me to return to my regular workout schedule and pump up the less indulgent meals. Sometimes that can be easier said than done but I find that instead of trying to completely overhaul one’s diet, you can take small steps towards healthier eating.

You may recall my obsession with juicing. It really is delicious and is a great way to supplement your veggies intake. But often times the challenge with juicing is that you need a large bulk of produce to get a small glass of goodness. That can be kind of pricey this time of year so instead of my Green Juices I switch over to Green Smoothies. I’m still able to use spinach which is quite cost effective in my area year round and add frozen berries, Greek Yogurt and other goodies. I love making these quick Green Smoothies for breakfast or prior to a run.

And now I’m happy to share my EGGS-ellent news….


Beginning this month I’ll be blogging for our friends over at Safest Choice® Eggs!

Safest Choice® Eggs are all natural and are pasteurized “in-shell” through a water bath method. Since this process helps to eliminate the risk of Salmonella, I use them in my recipes where eggs are purposely undercooked or raw. And the great news for my fellow Southern California peeps is that Safest Choice® Eggs are now carried in Albertsons stores.

So keep an eye out as I’ll be contributing monthly eggs-ellent recipes and posts over at Safest Choice® Eggs!

And with that Friends, Eat well!


Green Smoothies
Serves 2


4 cups spinach leaves
1 cup frozen berries
1 ripe banana
1 cup Greek Yogurt
1/2 cup crushed ice
2 tablespoons chia seeds

Add all ingredients to a blender. Pulse several times to break down the frozen berries and continue blending until smooth.


6 thoughts on “Green Smoothies & Eggs-ellent News

  1. What type of frozen berries did you use in the green smoothies? I used blue and blackberries and the drink looked like mud. How do you keep it green?

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