My Fur Baby

Bella 8th Birthday
Alright y’all…

I don’t know how it happened–but somehow over the  years, I became THAT person.

Bella 8th Birthday

Maybe it’s because my human children are technically my nieces and nephews….

Perhaps it’s because my parents never allowed us to have pups as pets….

But somehow along the way I adopted a fur baby who sleeps in the bed, gets homemade treats, wears Yoda costumes & USC cheerleader outfits, has her paws & booty cleaned with baby wipes after every walk….and has birthday parties.

I know…I have issues.

So it’s no surprise that when my little puggle, Bella, turned 8 last week, we had a little puppy party at Fiesta Island Dog Beach with her buddies.

Oh yes… #SquadGoals

Bella 8th Birthday
(poodle-schnauzer mix)–her cuzzie and Aspen (also a puggle)–her boo, joined Bella for some birthday shenanigans. The pups spent 2+ hours running around galore while dipping their paws in the water.

Although the bday gal, who used to love to swim, only ran by the water line while she pranced around wearing her birthday bow. Apparently she couldn’t be bothered with swimming for fear that it would mess up her hair—I mean, fur.

Bella 8th Birthday

After all the running around, we went back to mi casa to give the pups a good bath. The below pic is of Bo and Bella sunning themselves after their baths.

Two things:

  1. Bella REALLY is my child. She loves lying around in the sun and napping;
  2. Please don’t judge how dirty the windows are. Wet puppy noses pressed upon the glass 24/7 makes it impossible to have clean windows.

Bella's 8th Birthday

After the baths and a bit of nap, it was time for Bella’s birthday cake!

Okay, okay…it’s less of a “cake” and more of a steak.

Bella 8th Birthday

Here’s the thing…up til her 5th bday, I really DID bake pupcakes for Bella.

Bella 8th Birthday

She gobbled them up–every year! But the girl LOVES meat. So a few years back, I nixed the PUPcakes and grilled her up a nice steak and shoved a candle in it.

It’s usually a grass-fed NY strip or rib-eye.

Don’t be jelly…it’s her birthday!

Bella 8th Birthday

Of course it was torture having to wait for me to light the candle and sing before she could inhale her steak.

And sometimes I even make her wear some ridiculous things.

She loves it!

Okay…she really hates it but the promise of steak is great motivation for her.

Bella 8th Birthday

Yes…I’m rather smitten with my puppy. But in my defense, it’s not just me.

A few days ago, big seestrah sent me the pic below. And yes, you’re seeing it correctly. Princess Leia has her own Christmas tree this year!

We’re a family of enablers.

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


As for the birthday girl–

Well, let’s just say she partied like a Rock Star for her birthday and passed out all the next day. I tried to explain to her that the recovery time nearly doubles when we get older but she didn’t listen.

Oh well…we’ve all been there.

Happy Birthday, Bella-love ❤

Bella 8th Birthday


5 thoughts on “My Fur Baby

  1. Hahahaha! I love this one about Bella’s birthday! She’s growing up so fast! #SquadGoals is absolutely adorable! Leia is so precious with her Christmas tree. Happy Birthday Precious Bella!!

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