Guava and Lilikoi Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Guava (Reddish-Pink) and Lilikoi (Yellow) Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Since being back from our wonderful vacation in Hawai’i, I’ve really missed the flavors and regional cuisine from the islands. To try and relive some of those “ono grindz”, I wanted to bake something with the Guava and Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) jams I picked up. After some inspiration from a friend’s post on Facebook (Thanks, DQ!), I decided to take the tropical flavors from the jams and make Thumbprint Cookies. After a few searches, I settled on Martha Stewart’s “Aunt Maggie’s Jam Thumbprint Cookies” for its simplicity and overall positive reviews.

How did it go? Well, I’ve been baking/cooking long enough to know that I should really trust my gut feelings when something seems odd in a recipe. But no, like a faithful puppy, I followed Martha’s recipe trusting that she would veer me in the right place. Yeah…I should have listened to myself.

Now in all fairness, the cookies weren’t “bad”. They just weren’t great….more like an “ok” response. What was the issue? First of all, the directions listed to make 1 inch balls using about 2 Tablespoons of dough. Sound off? Yup, it was. My cookies were way too big and thus I had to increase the baking time by about 3-4 minutes a batch. Second, two major ingredients were missing that you find in most cookie doughs…..Salt and Vanilla. And perhaps because there was no salt, the final cookie lacked some flavor.

But there was a glimmer of hope. The next day when I got home from work, the BF said that the cookies tasted better. Strange, right? But he was spot on…they DID taste better! Who knew that aging them would increase the flavor?! After all, it’s not a cheesecake!

Next time, I’m not taking the chance and will modify the recipe. I suggest adding about 1 Teaspoon of good quality Vanilla Extract, increase the granulated sugar amount from 1 cup to 1¼ cups, and add about ¼Teaspoon of Salt. Also, when forming the dough balls, only use about 1 tablespoon. I think if you try the modifications, you’ll be happy with your results.


Lilikoi Jam Thumbprint Cookies


2 thoughts on “Guava and Lilikoi Jam Thumbprint Cookies

  1. I agree w/Carol, shortbread cookies always taste better the next day! My Earl Grey tea cookies do because the flavor of the bergamot & black tea Have more time to seep in and get all lovely the next day as well!

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